Estimate the amount of GST/HST payable using the Quick Method of accounting:

Reporting period begining and ending dates are
GST/HST Payment Frequency  
Does the business purchase goods for resale? *  
Business permanently established in  
Sales to (including GST/HST)   for the period already reported in the year **
British Columbia  
New Brunswick  
Newfoundland and Labrador  
Northwest Territories  
Nova Scotia  
Prince Edward Island  
Total claim for ITCs on eligible expenditures  
Installments paid  
Estimated GST/HST payable  
* Business is considered to purchase goods for resale if the cost (including GST/HST) of goods (other than basic groceries and other goods for which you did not pay tax) purchased in the previous fiscal year for resale, or used in goods produced or manufactured for resale, must be at least 40% of total revenue from annual taxable supplies (including GST/HST) for that fiscal year.
** Applicable to quarterly and monthly filers only

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